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Business Analytics

Our business analytics unit uses advanced quantitative tools to implement insightful business analytics procedures. Our mastering of the most recent statistical methods in modeling, data mining and market research allows us to offer custom problem solving solutions.

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Welcome to Creascience

Creascience offers consulting and training services focused around statistics, mathematics and data science.

Over the past 20 years, our biostatistics unit has developed a renowned expertise in preclinical research and statistical support for laboratories. Simultaneously, our data analysis and modeling unit has become a leader in quantitative methods for business applications and market research.
We offer custom solutions that combine creativity with scientific rigor and we proud ourselves of being able to communicate methodology and results in a non-technical fashion.

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Fundamental Statistical Tools for Research - 2017

This applied workshop covers the fundamental principles and concepts in statistics. With the help of real-life examples the principles underlying statistical testing and decision-making in the presence of uncertainty will be reviewed. In all our workshops, statistical concepts are explained in plain English and no unnecessary formulas are presented.

You can enroll in the next public session or set up your own in-house session. Please contact us if you have any questions.